Nina the storm

The storm named Nina hit the Norwegian east coast on saturday 10th of january. On the following day a group of sea kayakers went to Saltstein (Nevlunghavn), a place known for surfing and decent waves. Little did we know that Nina had cooked up 4 meter waves and fairly wild conditions.

Photo 11.01.15, 13.02.12
Ross Richards is paddling uphill to get out to sea.


Photo 11.01.15, 13.01.43
Downhill paddling


Photo 11.01.15, 13.01.46
A 4 meter tall wave


Photo 11.01.15, 13.14.11
Not the easiest of conditions.


Paddling behind some skerries.


Nearly overwhelmed by foam created by the 4 meter waves crashing against skerries.


A wild day.


Here`s a short video from some of the action that day:




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